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Custom Cardboard Boxes| An Eco-friendly Packaging Solution With Numerous Types

Custom cardboard boxes are versatile packaging solution that comes in different types and styles. Nearly all industries in the world are using this material because of its Eco-friendly nature. Perhaps, the biodegradable material is nontoxic and inert. Thus, companies prefer this packaging and find it a convenient way to store products. Also, this ensures the safe delivery of the item as well as gives the product an enticing touch because of adorable printing.

One more benefit of custom cardboard boxes is their strength. The packaging material can bear heavy pressure as well as be resistant to different environmental factors. The flexible, adaptive, and adjustable material is the choice of manufacturers. Therefore, in this regard, the visions packaging is crafting these boxes in numerous styles to fit the boxing need of the product.

What Styles Available?

The Visions packaging is designing cardboard boxes of different types. The style of the box depends on different factors. One is the weight of the inside product. for example, for electronic items rigid cardboard material is referable. But for soap, biscuits, toothpaste, and other households, the thin layer of cardboard material makes a wonderful option.

Moreover, the designers choose the material and style according to the condition where they have to ship the item. For example, for shipping, the sensitive items lamination is applied to make it free of humidity and other environmental hazards. Thus, designers first understand the need of the customers and then provide them with the style of box that fit the user’s need.

Designers in the visions packaging are preparing the following styles of the boxes so the product reaches the end-user safe and sound.

Single Faced Board

Custom cardboard boxes are ideal for packaging papers,  glass sheets,  or other household things. These are the common style of boxes and come with corrugated lining to ensure complete protection of the inside product. professionals design in the way so corrugated cardboard does not have a straight piece on the fluted layer. Usually, such packaging is also best for the packaging of glass and cups. For that purpose, we use separators between each item. Thus, these separators prevent knocking and there is no fear of breakage during transit.

Single Wall Board

Another type of corrugated cardboard that is in trend is single wallboard. Such boxes come with a layer of fluting in the center of two flat walls. Such boxes are high in se and best mean to pack the fragile items.  Moreover, along with durability designers use enchanting prints to give the box a wonderful appeal. So, the custom cardboard boxes get the alluring touch and help in seeing buyers’ attention.

Double Wall Board

For fragile, sensitive, and delicate items, double wall board custom cardboard boxes make the perfect match. the electronics lie television, mobile,  microwaves and sound system need special packaging solution. It is because if manufacturers fail to pack them properly then they have to bear heavy losses. Therefore, they focus on the right packaging and that is double wallboard boxes. Such boxes come with an extra layer of fluting in between two outside layers. Thus, these not only give sturdiness to the box but offer extra protection to the inside item.

Moreover, to have persuasive appeal, designers use trendy prints and foil stamping. Thus, this gives an overall box an appealing look along with durability.

Triple Wall Board

Triple wall board a sturdy boxing solution comes with three layers of fluting between two outside walls. Such packaging is special and makes a perfect option for packaging heavy items. For example,  for large electronic appliances like refrigerators, ac, and automobile items, such boxes are the perfect mean. Therefore, companies prefer such boxes to ensure a secure landing to the final destination.

Display Boxes

One more distinguishing style that is a hot favorite for retailers is display packaging. The easy-to-use box with marketing features is attention-seeking. Moreover, the visions packaging is creating custom boxes with exceptional printing designs. There are numerous styles of display boxes also with vibrant hues and gradient textures. Also, professionals add the detail of the product through cutting-edge marketing technology. Thus, they produce a quality product that meets product packaging needs.

Pillow Boxes

Custom cardboard boxes with pillow styles are also amazing in appeal. These are ideal for presenting goodies, soap items, chocolates, and much more. Along with the style, when the designer uses the PMS and CMY printing technique, these boxes look wonderful. The visions packaging offers the appropriate custom boxes made with cardboard to help customers know the brand.

Mailer Boxes

The professionals at The Visions Packaging are using special techniques to craft mailer boxes in the best possible way. Moreover, they are using the modern technology of printing like lithography. Flexography and digital printing for making the box look alluring. Furthermore, the presence of add-ons lies embossing, debossing with raised designed give an extravagant touch. Such patterns help in showing off details and offer a refined look to the product. the main advantage of such a printing technique acts as a protective layer and protects the product from weathering, wear, and tear. These boxes are easy to use, protective in nature, and attractive in appeal. Thus, the overall box style is amazing to bait the attention of customers.

How The Visions Packaging Help You?

The Visons Packaging has a team of workers who are working hard and struggling to produce innovative styles of custom cardboard boxes. If you are in the hunt for the best packaging solution and want that your brand moves to high horizons in the future then you can avail our product. we ensure the boxes style we are offering are durable, perfect in size, and protective. Thus, when you display products on racks then your potential buyer will love to buy them. Moreover, these sturdy boxes give the perfect unboxing experience. So, don’t delay, let your business grow in the market and you will surely win the market race.