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We at The Visions Packaging have created a wide variety of pillow boxes with handles, from plain and straightforward to customized designs. We do this through custom-fit kraft pillow boxes with handles that can hold anything you need.

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Pillow Boxes with Handles

Custom Handle Pillow Boxes are in the trends and are used in every industry nowadays. In general, the term Pillow Box refers to a box with two flat sides and two flaps.

Pillow Box with handles adds more value and attractiveness to the product inside. It brings ease to lift and hold things with more finesse.

We are the direct manufacturers of the Custom Handle Pillow Boxes and provide the best services around the globe, with fast delivery and better pricing solutions. In addition, we have in-house printing solutions that make us unique and distinct from others.

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Custom Wholesale Custom Handle Pillow Boxes

We know how important branding is in today’s market, so that these boxes will give your products an edge over competitors. They provide a better look and make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for no matter the occasion, even when there are dozens upon hundreds available at once. You can use them on special occasions like weddings and parties for gifting things to people.

The Visions Packaging knows that custom pillows are an essential part of any company’s promotional strategy. We help businesses save money while using our digital printing process for their designs, and we know how vital they can be when trying to engage with customers or prospective clients in person.

Eco-friendly Material for your Custom Handle Pillow Boxes that SAVES ENVIRONMENT

We all want to do our part in preserving nature while also attracting customers. Eco-friendly product packaging is the key for branding and promoting your company, no matter how big or small you are.

We have eco-friendly pillow boxes that will keep consumers guessing about where they came from, and who knows? Now biodegradable pillow boxes with handles are recycled into new ones because nobody wanted anything anymore without using reusables over time despite their low cost.

We use the best quality materials for our pillow boxes. We have different types of papers, including kraft paper and die-cut ones, to name a few. All these products are eco-friendly with many other characteristics like sturdiness that stand out from competitors’ brands.

We Offer Distinguishing Free Design Services for your Custom Handle Pillow Boxes

The Visions Packaging make the most dependable new designs for your Custom Handle Pillow Boxes. We at The Visions Packaging deal with eye-catchy, innovative, and supreme customization. In addition, we provide free designing options that bring customers towards your product by giving them an attractive package to look at in addition to what’s inside it.

Our team of expert graphic designers knows about market trends. Confirming their style ideally while remaining creative enough not to be boring.

The Visions Packaging has a variety of colors and sizes to offer. We are always following the latest trends for to access quality and fashion-forward products. We strive to provide whatever you ask us regarding pillow boxes and add-ons.

Inhouse Printing Solutions for your Custom Handle Pillow Boxes

The process of packaging for your pillow boxes with handles comprises three phases. The finest material, an impeccable design, and the best printing solution are what we offer at The Visions Packaging company.

We use CMYK or PMS color formats depending on your need for better quality prints. We have different satisfactory solutions such as Lithographic Printing, where you see everything letter by letter exactly how it is supposed to be. 

In addition to these solutions, we are proud to say that we come in the giants in in-house printing in the USA. We have digital printing options to deal with the modern needs of the time.

Add-ons that Induce Beautiful Finishing to your Pillow Boxes with Handles

If you’re looking for a way to make your products stand out, then look no further than our selection of add-ons. We offer glittering coatings on the boxes and glosses to give them an elegant shine that is sure not to be ignored by customers!.

With so many options available, there’s something perfect for every product type as well. Furthermore, embossing plates create raised designs while spot UV printing adds dimensional color onto letters or numbers. Besides these, even debossing brings depth without extra weight through reverse relief, making these Custom Handle Pillow Boxes truly one-of-a-kind pieces with endless possibilities waiting just around each corner.

Our Customer Friendly Pricing for your Pillow Boxes with Handles

Our Custom Handle Pillow Boxes come at an affordable price with budget-friendly specifications, making The Visions Packaging one step ahead when it comes time to buy new supplies or have them custom-made just for you. The Visions Packaging would love to meet your requirements because the end product must meet all of them in the best pricing around the USA. We will do anything in our power to have an outstanding customer experience.

Free Shipping and Quick Turnaround

We at The Visions Packaging provide the best services for our clients and never let you wait for your pillow boxes with handles. The Visions offer free delivery all across the USA to provide the best customer experience ever. 

We Have Professional Staff to Handle Your Quotes Here

We at The Visions Packaging provide high-quality, modernized pillow boxes with handles. They understand your needs and requirements to provide you with the best possible product for an affordable price. Once we receive notification from them about an order being placed, it will be shipped out within one business day. There are no extra charge as long as there’s enough time left on our deadline date, whichever comes first.


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