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Custom Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes

Kraft Pillow Box is a generic name for a box that has two flat sides and two flaps. These boxes look like pillows in appearance and hence the name Pillow Box. Kraft pillow boxes are a great way to attract customers and show your brand’s value simultaneously. We at The Visions Packaging create the most effective pillows that also add beauty to their look.

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Wholesale Custom Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes for Enhancing your Brand Value

Digital printing is very cost-effective, and companies and organizations can save lots of money while using this method for their promotional purposes. We at The Visions Packaging understand the importance of custom kraft Paper Pillow Boxes for your business. They are well-designed, eye-catching, very engaging, and majorly used for promotional purposes. Our team helps you design these pillows the way you want the product to be, in terms of color, shape, and size.

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Our Custom Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes for Special Occasions

You always want to make a good impression when you attend special occasions such as birthday parties and weddings by choosing good-looking packaging boxes. Presentations and expositions in business become more beautiful and elegant with these pillow boxes.

We provide several pillow box sizes for companies to sell their complimentary gifts in. You can pack your company’s name in these beautiful boxes.

We Offer Cosmetic Products Custom Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes

Pillow Boxes are the best way of packaging your cosmetic products so that they are highly protected during transit and can also be easily opened without any hassles. Now, these pillow boxes are available in different shapes, styles, sizes, and designs. 

These Kraft Pillow boxes are available in small to large ones, from flat-sided pillow boxes to round or oval pillows. They can also be customized with your brand logo or theme, making them a perfect choice for all occasions. You can make use of them as per your requirement and specifications.

Our Custom Kraft Paper Pillow Boxes for Food and Medicine

We understand that product presentation is vital in selling your products, and our attractive pillow boxes help you create an unmatched experience for your customers. These soft but sturdy packages can pack food like sandwiches, fries, cakes, and more. Customers will get them at market-leading prices too. Inexpensive pillow boxes for food packaging are readily available at The Visions Packaging, the leading manufacturers of custom Kraft Pillow boxes. 

Are you looking for pillow boxes that look professional and allow you to pack your medicine perfectly? Our medicine Kraft pillow boxes are available in different sizes, colors, and styles. We make them using mylar PET film with glossy or matte lamination.

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Our Eco-friendly Kraft Pillow Boxes

Business owners are always looking for ways to build their brand and attract customers. Even small businesses can get the word out with the use of eco-friendly product packaging. 

Using biodegradable Kraft pillow boxes can help preserve nature while also giving your company a professional image in your target market. As businesses recognize the importance of environmentally-friendly packaging, they are converting their products into biodegradable pillow boxes.

Best Quality Material We Use for Kraft Pillow Boxes 

The Kraft pillow boxes are produced from our end using quality materials and paper. The Boxes are made of different types of papers, including Kraft paper, matt finish, etc. The process involved in making these boxes referred to as the block printing process.

Our materials for the Pillow boxes are Cardboard Pillow Boxes, Kraft Pillow Boxes, Die-cut Pillow Boxes, Corrugated Pillow Boxes, and many others.

All our material is eco-friendly and equipped with many other characteristics like sturdiness and protecting layers that help preserve the things.

Kraft Pillow Boxes are one of the best packaging solutions for any product you want to protect during transit or while moving it from your home to office or shop. 


We use different types of add-ons that bring variety and difference to our pillow boxes. We provide the coatings and glittering on the boxes to increase the beauty of the boxes. Gloss, embossing, spot UV, and debossing, whatever you ask for, we never let our customers down because we value them. In addition, if you need some unique handles and ribbons you want to attach with the Kraft Pillow Boxes, we will manage that with vigilance to your requirements. You don’t have to take care of anything except choosing your favorite photos, quotes, etc., because this is a custom thing already. 

Why The Visions Packaging for Your Kraft Pillow Boxes?

  • We provide Kraft Pillow Boxes made of solid and robust material that help protect the gifts and things. 
  • We follow the proper trends and fashions of the market and always provide the best products that can serve as the market leader. 
  • The Visions Packaging provides a variety of colors and sizes of Pillow boxes. Our company delivers vibrant and bright offers that can persuade the customers and people who see them. 
  • Our packages of different sizes, colors, and specifications are totally on budget and economical
  • We provide pillow boxes that comprise quality and standard at the proper cost. 
  • We provide an impressive range of Kraft Pillow Boxes available with different covers, shapes, sizes, and folds according to your choice and all under one roof.
  • Best printing options you can think of, like CMYK and PMS formats with Digital printing.
  • We offer many designs and sizes with different pillow boxes that include windows, gobble and two pieces, and many more according to the needs. We have a professional team of graphic designers that manages work to perfection.

Our Well Trained Customer Care 

We care about our customers, and we understand their needs and requirements. We produce pillow boxes that are both of high quality and modernized look. Our approach is proactive, which results in producing the best Kraft Pillow Boxes one can ask for.

At The Visions Packaging, we follow the ethical ways of doing business. We make sure the satisfaction of our customers with the services we offer them. Once you place an order, our team will start working on it immediately and get it done within the deadline.


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