Which Color Model Is Used In Printed Designs?

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Printing plays a significant role in a product’s packaging design. It can change the whole perspective of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the printing colors carefully. And To do that, you need to choose the right Color Model.

RGB and CMYK are the color models used for printing designs. So, it is necessary to have proper knowledge of these models.

Some assume the design will look the same on screen as on paper. It can be a big mistake while designing. So, to avoid this mistake, knowing the difference between these color models is necessary.

Moreover, you will be able to organize and refine every step of the design process. Many factors help you decide which model to use for printing.

Here we will discuss the factors you need to consider before selecting a color model:

What is CMYK Color Model?

For printed products, the color space is CMYK. It stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black. A printing machine produces graphics by adjusting the amounts of physical ink and CMYK colors. This is referred to as subtractive mixing.

Every color begins as pure white. To produce the desired color, each layer of ink dulls the initial brightness. Pure black results from the combination of all shades. Morover, for print materials, CMYK is preferable.

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When Should You Employ CMYK in Printing?

You can use CMYK when you want a material to be physically printed. You can use ink or paint to reproduce your design. Additionally, your results will be more precise if you use the CMYK color model.

Over RGB, it is more accurate. It enables minute adjustments in brightness and color. If you’re using CMYK, PMS can assist in standardizing color differences. Furthermore, you can use CMYK for the branding and marketing of your product.

Which File Formats Work Well with CMYK?

There are many file formats suitable for CMYK, which are as follows:

  •       PDF Format:

This is the most preferred format for CMYK printing. It is because it can work well with most systems.

  •       Adobe Illustrator’s AI Format:

It is commonly useful for commercial design elements. It is a comparable standard to other EPS vector formats. If you use Adobe Illustrator, AI is the default source file for CMYK.

  •       EPS Format:

EPS can be a great AI source file substitute. Moreover, it works great with other graphic tools.

What is RGB Color Model?

Digital images are created in the RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) color space. If your design appears on any screen, use the RGB color mode. There is a light source inside the machine.

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It will combine red, green, and blue and adjust their brightness. In this way, it can produce whatever color you require. This process is called additive mixing.

All colors are initially black and deep. The addition of layers of red, green, and blue light follows. It makes it more vibrant and produces the ideal pigment. Then blend equal amounts of red, green, and blue light.

It will produce a perfect white. Designers can change things like intensity and texture. Additionally, they can present anything by adjusting their densities.

When Should You Use RGB Model?

RGB is the optimum color space for internet sites and digital information. Cameras, monitors, and televisions all employ RGB for printing. Therefore, you will need RGB colors while designing something for print. Graphic designers and printers use the RGB color model.

It works with any form of light-transmitting medium. Additionally, for creating digital content, RGB is great. It is so because these media produce red, green, or blue light as a color. Things like graphics, buttons, icons, and website logos are the most frequent uses for RGB.

Which File Formats are suitable for RGB?

  •       JPEG Format:

RGB files work best with JPEGs. This is because they maintain a good balance between file size and image quality. Moreover, they are readable practically everywhere.

  •       PSD Format:

For RGB documents in Adobe Photoshop, PSD is the default source file.

  •       PNG Format:

If you want visible areas of the image, use PNG as the format. They work well if the graphic only uses a few colors. It’s common practice to store logos and other visuals as PNG files.

  •       GIF Format:

Use GIFs in animated graphics because they can capture motion. They feature a logo that moves or a symbol that bounces.

Comparison of CMYK and RGB Color Models:

Remember that RGB is useful for electronic printers. On the other side, physical printing uses CMYK. As a result, RGB will be used when developing something for print.

However, you’ll utilize CMYK mode to print the final result. Moreover, ensure your File is saved in CMYK format when ready to print. It can be dangerous to save a file as RGB for printing.

It can occasionally affect the message that particular colors are printed with. Hence, you won’t achieve the ideal quality. You can usually convert your RGB file to CMYK on printers.

However, some colors may end up looking faded out as a result. Therefore, it is preferable to save your File as CMYK in advance.

RGB to CMYK Conversion: How to Do It?

The default color in the majority of design software will be RGB. It is because it offers the most variety in available colors. However, you can convert your colors to CMYK format.

It is necessary to change the color’s RGB to CMYK format. It is helpful to print a document or image precisely. You can do this by utilizing tools like Adobe Photoshop Illustrator.

To add to your artwork, you can import images. But these pictures will likely be in RGB format. You will need to convert these photos to CMYK. Furthermore, before saving the results, you can use Adobe Photoshop. It will set to print your File’s graphics in CMYK.

Automatic Color Model Correction:

If you don’t change your File, the printer will do it for you. Moreover, you will not be able to preview your print until the printer completes it. Automatic color model correction may produce an unexpected result.

It could not have a suitable color scheme to suit your identity. Additionally, stay away from this risky and expensive scenario. Convert your color model or begin your creation in CMYK.

Color Spaces:

A particular approach to a color model is called a color space. There are multiple different color spaces for both RGB and CMYK. They all cover a different range. The two most often used color spaces are sRGB and Adobe RGB. A majority of screens use standard RGB, often known as sRGB.

This color space is perfect for visuals that your firm will use online. Most of the screens your audience will use can interpret this color space. The color spectrum is wider with Adobe RGB.

However, not every monitor will be able to show them. So, it’s only proper if you know the materials are suitable for printing.

Final Words:

As well as CMYK, graphic designers also employ RGB. For the web and print, they produce graphics and slogans. Both will not function well across the two methods. Furthermore, neither color model is ideal. Neither can provide the whole spectrum of colors.

Both Color Models can deceive the human eye into perceiving the colors as realistic. It ensures that your visual marketing items are genuine and of high quality. Additionally, before delivering your ideas to the printer, you must convert them into CMYK. Your printed colors won’t look exactly correctly if you do not.

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